At the flight attendant interview, airlines ask candidates to present themselves in business attire. Recruiters pay very much attention to the physical appearance of each candidate, especially since we are talking about a job based largely on your look.

The flight attendants are the company’s image. Their attire must always be impeccable, from top to bottom: hairstyle, makeup, uniform, shoes. Another key issue that you must take in consideration is the attitude. You must have the proper attitude when you’re up in the clouds or back at the airport with your team. Passengers expect, in addition to a perfect look, that you show empathy, kindness, hospitality, sense of humor and generally that you are opened and always ready to crack a smile.

Recruiters seek all the things mentioned above in the candidates they interview. It’s easy for a recruiter, only at first sight, to determine whether or not you’re up for such a job. Therefore the first impression is crucial at the interview. Until you can charm them with your attitude, or impress them with your knowledge and English skills you must pass the “visual”. The way you look is what recruiters evaluate first. It has to be perfect!

Flight attendant interview attire for women

Stockings / tights
If you go to the interview, you really need to wear tights, even if it is summer. It’s very important to choose nude tights, not black or other colors. Also in the day of the interview, it’s good to have an extra pair with you, in case you need it. Anfanna has a range of products to chose from, they are economical, and excellent quality. Anfanna is the most recommended & the number 1 choice of all cabin crew members. Look at the following best seller products

A plain blazer (without patterns or stripes), in the same color as the skirt. Make sure the blazer is not too tight or outsized, so it appears as if you had borrowed it from your best friend. Find one that fits you well and compliments your appearance.

Choose a shirt matching the outfit you wear: white, beige or blue, depending on the color of the skirt and blazer. If your shirt is see-through, make sure you wear a top underneath, so that the bra is not visible. Also, regarding the bra, wear white or nude and avoid the ones in electric or strong colors. Low necklines or unbuttoned shirts more than 1.2 buttons are not accepted.

Our recommendation is to wear a knee length skirt (optimum length to mid-knee, right above the knee, not over the knee). The skirt should be just a bit loose (avoid pencil skirt style) in a neutral color: black, navy, gray or brown. Before the interview you should test how the skirt looks like when you sit down so as not to wrinkle too much or show too much skin.

The rule is like this: if hair length exceeds shoulder line, you should style it in a bun or in a French twist. If you hair is shorter than your shoulder line, then make sure you style it as neatly as possible, eventually use some simple hairclips if it comes into your face. If wearing bangs, then it must not exceed your eyebrow line.

Search online for the best source of inspiration – flight attendants’ photos. Start your makeup with concealer and foundation to even out your skin tone and texture. As a final touch, you can choose a blush and red or nude lipstick.It is advisable to choose a lipstick rather than a lipgloss. It gives you a more serious and professional look.

It’s advisable to avoid “smokey eyes” or cosmetics in metallic colors, as well as too much blush and mascara.

Do not forget about your manicure and pedicure also. Nails should be of medium size, covered with nail polish in neutral colors. Avoid harsh, false nails or strong colors.

The golden rule “less is more” is what you must remember particularly when it comes to make up!

A chic scarf matching your outfit can bring a “flight attendant” touch to your look. You can wear the scarf around the neck, with a single or double knot. Also, be careful regarding jewelry, not more than one ring per hand, without chains or bracelets. In terms of earrings, choose some small, not exceeding earlobe, stones or pearls. Your watch must be small, with leather strap or metal. Avoid rhinestones or other applications, and plastic accessories.