Pantyhose Means?

Pantyhose material is a delicate fabric that covers you from the toes to the waist. They efficiently make you comfortable in your attire therefore; they can make perfect office/work attire. They come in different styles and colors. They can be opaque as well as transparent.

They are made of nylon fabrics and thus they often rip apart or run at few places. They are perfect companion for people who want to have a perfect look. They make your legs look fine and polished.

Due to the delicate fabric they have a higher chance of getting ruined. However, once you master the art of wearing pantyhose, all you need to do is enjoy the fine look that it provides.

Delicate but not expensive
If you are worried about the delicate nature of Nylon Pantyhose, you need not worry. Anfanna pioneers in economic pricing for its quality products, a pack of 12 pcs of Pantyhose costs on Rs. 699/pack. So wear it without hesitation, and enhance your sheer beauty.

Objectives of Pantyhose Designing:

Pantyhose are delicate piece of cloth. They are designed to provide a specific level of comfort to the women. Let us look through the objectives of designing pantyhose. Here you go-

1. Appearance:

Many of us have a high regards for people with classy appearances. Pantyhose are specifically designed to provide that classy and complete look to any specific wear. It polishes the look of any dress or formal wear/attire.

2. Eliminates imperfection:

‘You look imperfect’ is the last thing anyone wants to hear. Of course, we all have our eyes set for perfection. That is one of the services of pantyhose. This hose helps in hiding blemishes, scars, hair, veins, patchy skin as well as uneven skin tone.

3. Ease and comfort level:

Wearing pantyhose can ease the irritation that is caused by frequent friction of bare skin thigh region. In addition, it also provides comfort between the feet and the footwear. Moreover, it reduces the chances of having shoe bites.