Whether or Not to Wear Pantyhose to Work?

These delicate yet elegant fabrics are worn on various occasions apart from the regular use. Pantyhose have been a part of the workplace attire for a very long time. Therefore, it has always been an issue for the female employees whether they should wear pantyhose to work or they should not.

Females from various fields have therefore made their own choices on this topic. Some prefer going bare legs while some stick to the traditional pantyhose. Hence, one of the most related pantyhose questions asked is that “Is it essential to wear pantyhose to work or not?”

1. The Dress code policy of the company:

Company Dress Codes and Policies give a better idea of the dress code. The answer to any dress code related confusion would definitely have an answer within these policies. There are two possible answers to the question depending on two specific dress code styles. If the workplace you work in follows business casual attire or casual attire then you can simply skip the idea of pantyhose.

On the other hand, if your organization follows strictly business attire (i.e. pant suit or skirt) then wearing pantyhose will do you no harm. As a fact, it will help you be more comfortable. However, if the confusion persists then you can always inquire the concerning authorities regarding the query.

2. Decision varies depending on personal opinion:

Women all around the globe prefer wearing pantyhose to work. They believe it to be an item that provides comfort, even skin tone, and perfection to their aging legs.

3. Consider the professional aspect of choosing your wear:

Pantyhose are available in various styles, colors and design. Employees and candidates (job seekers) should keep in mind the professional aspect of the company while designing whether to wear pantyhose. Always opt for a office pantyhose, make sure that it is either nude or black.

Colored or patterned designs are not only trendy but also have a fetish. Before opting for a pantyhose , make sure whether working in pantyhose would be comfortable or not. However, in a professional setting, wearing inappropriate pantyhose can ruin the professional charm. One should have a knowledge to choose between best attire and worst attire as Inappropriate dressing style can totally turn your career in a wrong direction.

Dressing matters a lot when you are a part of the strict corporate world with a fixed dress code. Judging the type of wear you should prefer can be better understood once you are a part of the company culture for a good period of time. It is always advised to check with the authorities as well as other employees of the workplace in order to discuss about the appropriate dress code and the pantyhose confusion.

Which Industries require Pantyhose?
Let us have a look at industries and firms where pantyhose fashion is pretty much a compulsion on women regardless of their age.

1. Flight attendants (air hostess):

Uniform is one of the necessities when it comes to the job requirement of the flight attendants. They have varied uniforms depending on the company. Beneath the skirt, these attendants are required to wear sheer pantyhose. However, this requirement do not only cover the look or branding part but also gives warmth to the attendants in skirt as they are flying on a high altitude. It also helps in preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVP).

2. Finance sectors:

Dress code in financial sector has always been a question. Similar to the health care industry, even the financial sector faced a great amount of defense against the strict attire or company dress code. However, they mostly ask for opaque or darker color tights and/or pantyhose regardless of the weather. Moreover, places like corporate finance sectors, banking jobs, etc. require you to wear one. However, wearing pantyhose is an option for lawyers depending on their day of work and the judge.

3. Politics:

Politics is of course a total different area. However, the demand for the pantyhose seems evident when it comes to the women staff working in the Washington DC. Winter is a total different scene where everyone prefers wearing stocking at work (pantyhose) on a dress or skirt. However, the staff here has never been without pantyhose even in the summer.

4. Restaurants:

Yes, restaurant staffs also do wear pantyhose (hooter style). Hooter style pantyhose are footless. The staff may be asked to go with a pair of socks. This style is also worn by the cheerleaders.

5. Healthcare industry:

Health care workplaces demand pantyhose as a part of the dress code. There are firms where wearing skirt or dresses is a part of regular attire. However, there is an ongoing debate between the people all around the globe in this field. “Wearing stockings to work, i.e pantyhose stocking should be a choice instead of compulsion”, states one of the workers in the healthcare industry.

6. Schools / Colleges

Many of the students can wear Pantyhose to school, specially in the winters to keep them covered. A Sheer Pantyhose is recommended, looks elegant, appropriate, & decent.